danos (110395) 23:09. Hello Lars, nice the view of this section of Helsinki Cathedral with the dome in the middle and the others on the sides to create balance in the scene.I like the beautiful presentation as the clarity of the image.

miuky (3335) 12:18. hy Nic i've seen this kind of picture, i mean this picture made by an another person...i prefere it in color, nice compo, nice sharpness and saturatin, well done!

Novaya Zemlya: The Extreme of Europe. Monday, 9th May 2011 by Kyle Kusch. Novaya Zemlya ("New Land") is a large Russian landmass located at the northeasternmost extreme of Europe. The rugged Arctic islands have one of the most severe climates on Earth and were also home to over 220 nuclear tests between 1955 and 1990.

Доска для террасы, палубная доска из термодревесины в Москве. Выгодная цена.

Ancient Krasnyi Yar. Around 5,000 years ago, as many as 200 people lived in this village in northern Kazakhstan. More than 50 houses stood here, and fenced areas may have served as corrals. The people who lived here grew no crops. Ninety percent of the bones they left behind are horse bones, showing they mainly ate horsemeat.

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