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Ribosome display is a technique used to perform in vitro protein evolution to create proteins that can bind to a desired ligand. The process results in translated proteins that are associated with their mRNA progenitor which is used, as a complex, to bind to an immobilized ligand in a selection step.

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Grooved ware is the name given to a pottery style of the British Neolithic. Its manufacturers are sometimes known as the Grooved ware people. Unlike the later Beaker ware, Grooved culture was not an import from the continent but seems to have developed in Orkney, early in the 3rd millennium BC, and was soon adopted in Britain and Ireland.

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After Chi Might was released I concentrated on covers and together with my dad and his colleague Rick Benbow we started YourSoundTube.So besides recording regular 'drum covers' we started recording 'Original covers', that means, collaborating with other musicians and recording all instruments from scratch (as opposed to playing to an existing backing track).

Charity work of JSC "Pravdinsk Pig Production" Annually, beginning from 2007, JSC "Pravdinsk Pig Production" holds a charity event by making allocations for social needs to non-profitable government-funded organizations and institutes. The information concerning the last years of charity activities of JSC "PPP" is provided below ...